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GYARU Thinspiration + Tips

Welcome to weekly thinspo-school! Here is for inspiration, tips and learning. Enjoy! ~

1. 锻炼身体。您必须执行每周3次。来吧!
2. 喝水和绿茶只。
3. 吃健康的小餐点。吃得少也。
4. 设定目标。你可以做到这一点! 



original source: http://forever-gyaru.forumotion.com/t627-half-bath-diet
 This is the half bath diet, a few of the gyaru models for Popteen etc swore by it a few years ago, no idea if they still do it.It’s actually really cleansing, whether it works or not I am yet to find out but Kumikki swears by it so I’ll give you a basic explanation of how it works….
She goes to the gym 3 times a week (but you could work out at home or whatever).
The water has to be considerably hot.. bathing in Japan is almost an art for some (but lets not make generalisations here) and they stay in considerably hot baths for quite a while. They also have a heating system installed in baths to keep the water warm at about 40 degrees Celsius but just go as hot as you feel comfortable. The water should only come up to your belly button, the top half should be dry to start with and you’ll feel your heart rate rise (please get out of the bath if you have any conditions and your heart rate is going over 80% your limit). Keep your arms out of the bath, after about 5 mins or less (depending on how hot the water is) you’ll start to sweat, this is what you want so don’t wet your hands or wash it off, keep the water off your top half.

1. Sit in the water for 20 minutes, she says she watches tv while she does it.
2. Get out of the bath (sit on a mat or something) and if you have one roll a cellulite roller over your legs, arms, etc.
3. Get back in again. This time for 15 minutes.
4. Get out and run cold water over yourself (for like 1 min max, this is to cool yourself down and get your heart rate back down)
5. Let back in again (lol I know, last time, I swear) for 15 minutes.
DON’T STOP READING THIS NEXT BIT IS IMPORTANT! Using such hot water on your skin can be bad for it and sweating out so much depletes your water levels so PLEASE take a lot of water in with you and drink as required AND drink after your bath. You can take a shower after it to wash yourself properly if you’re a clean freak like I am. 
Also moisturise after you do this as the combination of heat and sitting in water and sweat for so long isn’t the best for your beautiful skin. But hey, just try it.
For the sceptics  I simply do this sometimes after a long day of studying for finals because it flushes out all of my stress, bad toxins and relaxes me, and I get some anime or drama (currently watching shirokuma cafe) and it’s my reward for my hard work.

Finally, if it’s too hard for you to go through the whole thing, don’t worry, just do as long as you can in the bath, even if that’s 10 minutes and work your way up from there.

Enjoy guys!

Barbie Gyaru 

10034 Its time for diet!

10035 Its time for diet!

10033 Its time for diet!
Here is translation in english for Hikari Shiina: (translate NOT by me. Credit to translator)
Q: What should I do if I ate too much today?
A: Adjust your calories-intake the next day by taking low-calories food. For example, I will drink a packet of vegetable juice and eat a banana for a meal.

Q: What kind of food do you eat when you’re on a diet?
A: For breakfast, I will have something healthy like soymilk and fibrous cereal. For lunch, I will try to eat something I like while controlling my intake of carbohydrates at the same time. I will eat things like Ramen, Hamburg etc. Even some junk food is OK. For dinner, I will eat healthy vegetables~ And also, tofu, rice, and other low-calorie, high-fibre foods that are gentle to my digestive system.

Q: I want to stop eating so much! How should I start?
A:  Drink water or lots of soup to fill up your tummy.

Q: How did you keep yourself motivated during your diet?
A: I look at the picture of myself when I’m at my fattest period, and I would think, “I NEVER WANT TO BE LIKE THIS AGAIN! This is not me at all!”

Q: How do you release stress when you’re dieting?
A: I will sing Karaoke at home! With my grandmother!

Q: I want to lose just that 1 more kg! What should I do?
A: I will decrease my calories-intake even further to consuming only 1000kcal a day. You can definitely slim down in this way!

Q: I’ve been successful in slimming down…but I’ve reached the point where my weight just stays as it is. What is wrong? Can I lose no more weight?
A: What Pikari would do is to walk 30mins everyday to increase metabolism rate! Don’t get discouraged. You can do it! ^^

Be ready for the beach body!!! ~

Is all for now. 



Popteen April 2012

Popteen April 2012

Popteen April 2012

Popteen April 2012

Popteen April 2012

Popteen April 2012

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Popteen March 2012
Popteen models cosplaying AKB48 sub-unit Watarirouka Hashiritai 7.

Popteen March 2012

Popteen March 2012

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